On Wednesday night, heavy rains in Champawat, Uttarakhand, caused a massive landslide on the national highway. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded overnight as debris blocked the road.

According to the District Disaster Control Room, the landslide occurred near Swala around 3:00 AM, cutting off the connection between the hills and plains. Another landslide at 4:30 AM in Sukhidhang brought more debris onto the highway, causing road damage from falling boulders and mud.

Efforts to Clear the Highway

Efforts to clear the highway began early in the morning, and by 6:04 AM, the road was temporarily reopened for traffic. However, another landslide at 9:00 AM near Sukhidhang brought more debris onto the highway, which was cleared in 35 minutes using machinery.

Despite these efforts, falling debris near Swala continued to disrupt the flow of traffic, leaving hundreds of vehicles stuck in the jam.

Heavy Rains Disrupt Delhi Route from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh

Non-Stop Rainfall Causes Roadblocks

Starting from Wednesday night through Thursday morning, heavy rainfall in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, disrupted the route to Delhi via Ganva.

The downpour affected the road near Udharnpur village in the Rajpura area, where ongoing bridge construction over a river had led to the creation of a temporary diversion for vehicles. The heavy rains washed away this costly diversion, halting vehicle movement on both ends.

Traffic Halt and Local Reaction

The washed-out diversion cut off the connection between Sambhal’s Ganva and Delhi, causing a significant traffic halt. People gathered at the site as the situation unfolded, emphasizing the impact of the rain on daily commutes and transportation.

Road Restoration Efforts

Clearing Efforts in Uttarakhand

Authorities in Champawat worked tirelessly to clear the landslides and restore traffic flow on the national highway. Despite initial success, ongoing debris falls presented continuous challenges.

Temporary Road Solutions in Uttar Pradesh

In Sambhal, local authorities are assessing the damage and working on temporary solutions to restore the route to Delhi. The community remains active and concerned as they await the restoration of their essential routes.

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