The relocation of the bus stand from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station marks a significant stride towards improving the commuter experience and streamlining traffic flow in one of Delhi’s busiest transit points.


This move, prompted by the railway administration’s request to the Delhi Government’s Transport Department, aims to mitigate the congestion issues that have long plagued the station’s vicinity. Here’s a closer look at the implications and benefits of this strategic shift.

The Challenge of Congestion

Prior to the relocation, the proximity of the bus stand to the station’s building consistently led to traffic jams, primarily caused by buses from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) parked near the station. This congestion not only hampered the movement of vehicles but also created inconvenience for passengers arriving or departing from the station.


Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, a critical hub serving daily departures and arrivals of 26 pairs of trains including prominent ones like Vande Bharat, Gatimaan, and Rajdhani Express, along with an additional 47 pairs passing through, witnesses a high volume of passenger traffic.

The previous location of the bus stand contributed significantly to the traffic bottleneck, exacerbating the woes of daily commuters.

The Solution and Its Impact

The decision to move the bus stand approximately 200 meters away from its original location comes as a relief to many. This relocation is expected to significantly ease the traffic congestion, enabling smoother access to the station premises for vehicles.


Sukhvinder Singh, the Divisional Railway Manager of Delhi, confirmed that no buses have entered the station premises since the relocation, and efforts to widen the road leading to the station have also commenced.


This development is poised to enhance the convenience for passengers and vehicle owners alike, facilitating a more efficient ingress and egress from the station.

Ongoing Challenges and Future Plans

Despite the positive outcome of the bus stand’s relocation, challenges persist for passengers accessing the station from the Sarai Kale Khan side.

The railway administration is currently in discussions with the Delhi Municipal Corporation to address this issue, proposing a land exchange to create a more accessible entrance from this direction.

The land outside the station, owned by the corporation, is under consideration for an exchange, offering a potential solution to further alleviate the station’s access issues.

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