The Indian government has announced a major redevelopment plan for the New Delhi Railway Station, which is expected to affect the operations of approximately 300 trains.

Initially mentioned in the 2023 budget, the tender process has been delayed due to the volume of train operations currently managed through the station.

Details of the Train Shift:

As part of the redevelopment project, it is planned to relocate these trains to various other stations to facilitate the construction without disrupting daily commutes.

The trains are scheduled to be shifted to stations including Anand Vihar, Nizamuddin, Shahdara, Delhi Cantt, Sarai Rohilla, and Ghaziabad.

Impact on Commuters:

Approximately 600,000 passengers travel daily through New Delhi Railway Station. Shifting these trains will likely impact these commuters, especially those traveling towards Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Specific routes will be diverted through different stations to manage the flow efficiently.

Timeline and Future Plans:

Post-election, the tender process is expected to accelerate, with construction likely to begin within the next six months. The complete redevelopment of the station could take up to four years, with an anticipated completion around the end of 2028 or into 2029.

Authorities have initially planned the redevelopment in three to four phases, but it now seems more likely that the station will be developed in one go due to feasibility concerns.

This extensive project aims to transform New Delhi Railway Station into a world-class facility, requiring significant planning and effort to minimize disruption during construction.

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