Starting July, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will enhance security measures by upgrading existing CCTV cameras to Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based cameras. This initiative will begin with the Airport Metro Express Line. Additionally, the DMRC will introduce driverless operations on two major corridors: the Magenta Line and the Pink Line.

AI-Based CCTV Cameras Implementation

The DMRC currently monitors the metro network using a total of 14,000 CCTV cameras. To further enhance passenger safety, the DMRC has decided to install AI-based CCTV cameras, beginning with the Airport Express Line.

This upgrade is part of the OPEX model, where the company responsible for installing these cameras will also handle their operation and maintenance. The estimated cost for this AI-based camera installation is Rs. 5.54 crore.

  • Key Features of AI-Based Cameras:
    • Real-time monitoring and identification of suspicious activities.
    • Automated alerts to the control room for prompt action.
    • Enhanced security through advanced technology.

Driverless Metro Operations From July, the DMRC will also start driverless metro operations on two major corridors:

  • Magenta Line: Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden.
  • Pink Line: Majlis Park to Maujpur.

These corridors, spanning 97 kilometers, have been undergoing trials for driverless operations for an extended period. Currently, these trains operate without driver intervention but with an onboard assistant. Under the new driverless operation model, these assistants will also be removed, ensuring fully automated train operations.

Benefits of the Upgrades

  • Enhanced Security: The introduction of AI-based cameras will significantly improve surveillance and safety within metro premises.
  • Operational Efficiency: Driverless operations will increase efficiency and reduce human error, ensuring smoother and more reliable metro services.


  • Cost Management: The OPEX model for AI cameras ensures that the installation and operational responsibilities lie with the implementing company, reducing the DMRC’s burden to maintenance costs only.


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of AI-Based Cameras: Starting with the Airport Express Line, enhancing real-time monitoring.
  • Driverless Metro Operations: Implementation on the Magenta and Pink Lines from July.
  • Cost and Operational Management: OPEX model for AI cameras with a budget of Rs. 5.54 crore.


Detailed Information

Initiative Details
AI-Based CCTV Cameras Starting with Airport Express Line, real-time alerts, Rs. 5.54 crore budget
Driverless Operations Magenta Line and Pink Line, spanning 97 km, trials successful, full implementation in July
Current Security Measures 14,000 CCTV cameras in place, continuous upgrades for passenger safety
OPEX Model Installation and maintenance by the implementing company, cost-effective for DMRC

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