In an effort to combat mosquito breeding and prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases, the municipal administration in Delhi has issued over 15,000 fines from January to June 1. Senior officials reported that mosquito breeding was found in 26,000 homes, buildings, and land premises during this period.


Key Actions and Measures

  • Fines and Inspections: Over 15,000 fines were issued for mosquito breeding and the presence of larvae in various locations across Delhi.


  • Widespread Spraying: To control the mosquito population, insecticide spraying was conducted at 1,05,93,000 locations.


  • Team Deployment: The Public Health Department of the municipal corporation has deployed teams in all zones to monitor and control mosquito breeding.


Community Involvement

Atul Goyal, a representative of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA), emphasized the importance of transparency and community involvement.

He suggested that the corporation should release weekly reports on mosquito-borne diseases. This would help residents stay informed and take necessary preventive measures to combat these diseases.

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