Great news for Delhi residents! Soon, you won’t have to wait long at bus stops or stand during your commute. You can book bus tickets right from your home using an app, and choose the nearest bus stand according to your convenience.

The Delhi government has issued licenses to two companies under the Bus Aggregator scheme to operate premium air-conditioned buses.

Two Companies Get Licenses for Premium Buses

The government has licensed two companies to run premium buses, each starting with a fleet of 25 buses. The routes will be decided by these private companies, who only need to inform the Delhi Transport Department.

Fares will be market-driven, and advance ticket booking will be available exclusively through the app. Standing passengers will not be allowed on these buses.

Environmental Benefits and Reduced Traffic

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot stated that the introduction of premium buses will strengthen public transport. Even car users might switch to these premium buses, reducing the number of cars on the roads and benefiting the environment.

This initiative also promotes electric buses, with operators of electric buses being exempt from license fees. Starting January 2025, only electric buses will be allowed under this scheme.

Modern Amenities on Premium Buses

The premium buses will be equipped with modern amenities, including CCTV cameras, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Only ticket holders will have access to these facilities.

Additionally, if a bus does not arrive after booking, the operator must inform passengers in advance or arrange alternative transportation to the destination.

Current Bus Scenario in Delhi

Currently, Delhi operates around 7,500 buses under DTC and Cluster schemes, serving approximately 3.8 million daily commuters.

This includes 4,400 DTC buses and 3,100 Cluster scheme buses, with a total of 1,650 electric buses. The fare for regular buses ranges from ₹5 to ₹15, while air-conditioned buses charge between ₹10 and ₹25. You Are Reading Delhi-NCR Fastest Hyperlocal News Portal

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