In a recent statement, Delhi’s Minister Atishi expressed concern over the potential water crisis looming over the city in the coming days.

She mentioned that the Delhi government is considering issuing fines for wastage of water. Atishi highlighted that Delhi heavily relies on the Yamuna river for its water supply, and in recent weeks, Haryana has stopped supplying water to certain parts of Delhi.


To deal with the water crisis in Delhi, the Delhi Jal Board took a big decision and said that now if any person is caught misusing water, a challan of Rs 2000 will be charged from him.

Let us tell you that till now water was supplied twice a day in Delhi, which will now be supplied only once. According to the Delhi government, this decision has been taken due to not getting enough water from Haryana.

Water Rationing in the Future

Atishi pointed out that in April, May, and June of 2023, Delhi may face minimum water availability due to Haryana cutting off water supply to the city. As a result, some areas of Delhi that receive water twice a day may see a reduction to just once a day.

Appeal for Cooperation

The Minister emphasized the importance of sending water to areas with lower water levels and urged residents not to waste water by washing cars with open pipes. Despite this, some parts of South Delhi continue to waste water by washing cars with hoses.

Dependence on Haryana for Water Supply

Atishi highlighted the dependency of Delhi on Haryana for water supply, noting that the water level in the Yamuna river is decreasing due to reduced water supply from Haryana. She warned that if Haryana continues to reduce water supply, the Delhi government may have to approach the Supreme Court for intervention.

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