New Delhi High Court Orders Delhi Government to Provide Infrastructure and Financial Assistance for Disabled Accused

The Delhi High Court has ordered the Delhi government to provide infrastructure and financial assistance for the purchase of electronic equipment to conduct tests where the accused are physically challenged and have special needs. This decision aims to enable disabled individuals to participate equally in judicial proceedings with the help of assistive technology.

Justice Swarna Kanta Sharma’s bench emphasized the importance of providing convenience and understanding to disabled individuals instead of relying on conservative misconceptions. The decision was made in response to a petition filed by Rakesh Kumar Kalra, a deaf Divyang, who sought the establishment of a special court and appropriate arrangements during the criminal trial in accordance with Section 84 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Implications of the High Court’s Order

  • The Delhi government is required to provide infrastructure and financial assistance for the purchase of electronic equipment.
  • The equipment will be used to conduct tests for physically challenged and special needs individuals involved in criminal trials.
  • Assistive technology will enable disabled accused and complainants to actively participate in judicial proceedings.
  • The order aims to ensure equal opportunities and accessibility for disabled individuals within the legal system.

This decision by the Delhi High Court highlights the need for inclusive measures in the justice system. By providing the necessary infrastructure and financial support, the court is taking a step towards empowering disabled individuals and ensuring their rights are protected. This order sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to prioritize the accessibility and accommodation of disabled individuals within the legal framework.

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