Pedestrians crossing the roads near Pragati Maidan on Mathura Road will soon find it easier and safer. The Delhi government is working on installing escalators in two new foot over bridges and lifts in another two. This initiative aims to provide significant relief to those crossing the busy streets in this area.

Feature Details
Location Mathura Road near Pragati Maidan
New Additions Escalators and lifts in foot over bridges
Purpose To make road crossing easier and safer for pedestrians

Background and Need

Survey Insights: A survey conducted by the Delhi Government’s Planning Department a few years ago revealed that many people avoid using foot over bridges due to the time and fatigue involved in climbing them. As a result, they risk crossing the roads directly amidst fast-moving traffic, which endangers their lives and causes vehicles to brake suddenly.

Progress and Implementation

Current Status: The Delhi government has decided to equip all foot over bridges with lifts or escalators. Specifically, on Mathura Road, three new foot over bridges will have lifts or escalators installed, and one old foot over bridge will be retrofitted with a lift.

Foot Over Bridge Location Update
Kaka Nagar and near Gate No. 6 of Pragati Maidan Installation of escalators is in the final stage
Supreme Court Foot over bridge is operational, lift installation is underway
Matka Peer (built in 2010) Plan to replace the non-functional lift


  • Ease of Use: The installation of escalators and lifts will reduce the physical effort required to use foot over bridges, encouraging more people to use them.
  • Safety: This initiative will significantly reduce the risk of accidents caused by pedestrians crossing busy roads directly.
  • Traffic Flow: With more pedestrians using the foot over bridges, there will be fewer disruptions to traffic flow, making the roads safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

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