The Delhi government has announced new guidelines aimed at managing the city’s old and deregistered vehicles, providing a clear directive for vehicle owners and enhancing public space management.

Mass Deregistration of Old Vehicles

In a significant move, the Delhi government has deregistered 5.5 million old vehicles, specifically diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles older than 15 years.

This measure aims to curb pollution and streamline vehicle management in the capital. The comprehensive list of these deregistered vehicles is available on the Transport Department’s website:

Strict Parking Restrictions Imposed

As part of the new guidelines, the government has strictly prohibited the parking of end-of-life vehicles on public land, including spaces immediately outside homes. This restriction aims to clear up unused, outdated vehicles from public spaces and reduce clutter.

Options for Vehicle Owners Vehicle owners affected by this new regulation have several options:

  • Private Parking: Owners can park their vehicles in private parking spaces, which include any allocated parking within residential complexes. Shared parking lots within these complexes, however, are not considered private.


  • Obtaining NOC: Owners may apply for a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) within one year of their vehicle’s usage period ending. This certificate allows them to move their vehicle out of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Notably, no NOCs will be issued beyond this one-year period.


  • Vehicle Scrapping: Owners can choose to scrap their old vehicles by registering through the voluntary vehicle scrapping application at or by visiting a nearby registered vehicle scrapping facility.


Enforcement and Compliance

The enforcement wing of the Transport Department, along with the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), and the Traffic Police, has been empowered to seize vehicles parked in public spaces if they violate these guidelines. T

his includes vehicles for which an NOC has been issued but have not been moved out of Delhi within one month of the NOC issuance. Offenders may face prosecution under the “Guidelines for Handling End-of-Life Vehicles in Public Spaces, 2024”.

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