The Delhi Transport Department has taken a significant step towards enhancing public transportation in the city by granting Uber an aggregator license to operate buses under the government’s premium bus scheme. This move marks a new era for urban mobility, leveraging Uber’s technology and expertise to provide a seamless and convenient bus service for commuters.

Uber’s Pioneering Role in Delhi’s Bus Service:

Uber has emerged as a frontrunner in introducing app-based bus services in Delhi, becoming the first aggregator to receive a license under the premium bus scheme. This achievement highlights Uber’s commitment to expanding its transportation offerings and contributing to the city’s public transport infrastructure.

Key Points:

  • Uber has been granted an aggregator license by the Delhi Transport Department to operate buses in the national capital under the government’s premium bus scheme.
  • Delhi has become the first state to grant a license for bus operations to Uber.
  • The pilot program for the bus service has been successful, and Uber is now officially launching the service in Delhi.
  • Customers will be able to pre-book their seats on their preferred route using the Uber app.
  • Buses will be operated by local partners using Uber’s technology.


Success of the Pilot Program and Official Launch:

The pilot program conducted for Uber’s bus service in Delhi has garnered positive feedback and demonstrated a substantial demand for the service among commuters. Encouraged by this success, Uber is now officially launching its bus operations in the capital city.

Convenient Booking and Real-time Tracking:

Customers will be able to seamlessly book their bus rides using the Uber app, selecting their preferred route and pre-booking seats well in advance. Additionally, the app will provide real-time tracking of the bus, allowing commuters to monitor its location and estimated arrival time.

Spacious Buses and Local Partnerships:

The Uber buses will be designed to accommodate a comfortable number of passengers, ranging from 19 to 50 seats. These buses will be operated by local partners, ensuring that Uber’s technology and expertise are combined with local knowledge and operational capabilities.

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