In a harrowing incident on the bustling roads of Northern India, a sleeper bus en route from the historic city of Jaipur to the national capital, Delhi, was engulfed in a catastrophic fire. The tragedy unfolded on the Signature Tower Flyover in Gurugram, leaving two passengers dead and injuring between 10 to 12 others, some with severe burns.

As the night cloaked the city, the unsuspecting passengers aboard the sleeper bus (AR 01 K 7707) were jolted into chaos as flames suddenly erupted within the vehicle. Panic ensued as the fire rapidly spread, with passengers’ cries piercing through the roar of the blaze. The bus, filled to near capacity, became a furnace on wheels, with onlookers watching in horror.

Emergency services were promptly alerted, and firefighters, along with the police, rushed to the scene. The fire brigade, battling the fierce flames, managed to bring the situation under control after intense efforts. The injured were quickly transported to nearby hospitals for urgent medical care.

The cause of the fire remains a mystery, with investigations underway. The police are meticulously combing through the evidence to uncover the sequence of events that led to this disaster.

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