Commuters traveling through the bustling areas of Kashmiri Gate and Shastri Nagar in New Delhi are set to experience significant relief from persistent traffic congestion thanks to new traffic management plans being implemented this week.

Authorities have announced a trial phase of new traffic changes designed to streamline the heavy flow of around 1,500 buses daily, which has been causing severe jams in these areas. These changes include the introduction of new U-turns and revised routes for buses exiting and entering the ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminal) at Kashmiri Gate.

Key Changes and Their Impact

New Routes for Buses:

To reduce the congestion, buses exiting the bus depot will now use a route under Yudhishthir Setu to reach the Outer Ring Road directly. Conversely, buses entering the terminal will use a different route, starting from the top of Yudhishthir Setu directly into the terminal. This segregation of entry and exit routes is expected to improve the traffic flow significantly.

Construction of New U-Turns:

A new U-turn will be constructed near the Shastri Nagar depot and another off the Geeta Colony Flyover leading to the Metro depot at Shastri Park. Additionally, buses will use a specific loop at Kashmiri Gate to make a direct entry into the bus depot, avoiding the Outer Ring Road and thereby hoping to eliminate the recurring traffic bottlenecks in this area.

Trial Phase and Observations:

The traffic police, along with PWD, CRRI, and traffic expert Atul Ranjit, have been monitoring the situation closely. Since the beginning of the trial phase in May, there has been a noticeable reduction in traffic congestion. The trial will continue, particularly during peak hours, to ensure the effectiveness of these changes.

Closure of Old U-Turns:

The previously used U-turn near Nigambodh Ghat while approaching the bus depot is now closed. In its place, a new U-turn near Salimgarh Bypass is being utilized during the evening rush hours. Similarly, another U-turn directed towards Nigambodh Ghat from Kashmiri Gate has been closed, directing drivers to use an alternative route from Monastery.

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