The Delhi government is set to launch a new initiative for integrated road repair and maintenance, following the unsuccessful implementation of its previous plan.

The Public Works Department (PWD) has decided to hand over the responsibility of road maintenance to private agencies for a period of five years instead of the previously planned ten years.

A total of 60 roads in Delhi have been identified for this purpose. In the first phase, the maintenance work will be assigned to roads in the northern zone.

Currently, the PWD handles the maintenance and repair of its roads in Delhi. The PWD’s maintenance division is in charge of overseeing any wear and tear after the roads’ construction.

The Delhi government had formulated a comprehensive plan to make the capital’s roads world-class, with a budget announcement for the same. The plan involved outsourcing the repair and maintenance responsibilities to a private agency for ten years. However, due to various reasons, this plan was not implemented.

Key Changes:

  1. The maintenance and repair responsibility will now be for five years instead of ten.
  2. The work will not be assigned to a single agency; instead, tenders will be floated for each road stretch.
  3. The initial phase will cover roads in the northern zone.

Identified Roads:

The total length of the identified roads is over 266.51 kilometers. The first phase will include roads in the northern zone, followed by the western zone in the second phase, and the southern zone in the third phase.

Details of the Plan:

  • First Phase: 46.45 kilometers of roads will be maintained at a cost of ₹168.83 crores.
  • Second Phase: 37 kilometers of roads will be maintained at a cost of ₹118.39 crores.


Notable Roads Included:

  1. Panchsheel Enclave Road
  2. Jhatikra Road
  3. Rao Laxmi Road
  4. Outer Ring Road (Chirag Delhi to Africa Avenue)
  5. Shalimar Bagh
  6. Ring Road (Mayapuri Chowk)
  7. KN Katju Marg
  8. Modi Mill to Chirag Delhi
  9. Mehrauli to Mahipalpur Road
  10. Ring Road Flyover (Hyatt)
  11. Mathura Road NH-2


Each identified stretch will have its tender, and the selected company will be given the maintenance work for five years. This is the first time that road maintenance and repair will be outsourced to private agencies for such a duration.

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