In today’s market, vehicles are categorized by their engine capacity, measured in CC. This can often confuse people, as a higher CC generally means better mileage and performance, which in turn affects the price of the vehicle. But what does CC actually mean? Let’s find out.

What is CC in engine?

CC stands for cubic capacity and is used to indicate the engine capacity of vehicles. It refers to the maximum power and output of the engine. The cubic centimeter measurement of the engine’s combustion chamber is known as CC. Bikes typically use engines with either two or four combustion chambers.

It also affects the performance of vehicles.

CC has a direct impact on a vehicle’s performance, as it determines the engine’s fuel consumption and power generation. For regular commuter motorcycles, engines with 90 cc to 110 cc are commonly used. On the other hand, sports bikes require higher performance, so engines with 350 cc to 650 cc are utilized.

How many CC bike is the best option for you?

Before purchasing a bike, it is important to consider your needs and usage. If you are buying a bike for daily commuting or household purposes, a bike with lower CC will suffice. However, if you are looking for a bike for sports or recreational purposes, a higher CC bike would be more suitable.

Related News:

  • The CC measurement in a bike’s engine determines its power and performance.
  • Bikes with higher CC are generally used for sports and recreational purposes.
  • For regular commuting, bikes with lower CC are more economical.

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