Article 370 Case: Live Updates From Supreme Court [Day 8]

In a significant development, the Supreme Court heard the arguments on the constitutional validity of Article 370 for the eighth day today. Here are the live updates from the proceedings:

1. Petitioners argue against the abrogation

The petitioners challenging the abrogation of Article 370 argued that the move was unconstitutional and violated the basic structure of the Constitution. They highlighted that Article 370 was a temporary provision and could not be abrogated without the consent of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Center defends the abrogation

The Central government defended the abrogation of Article 370, stating that it was done to integrate Jammu and Kashmir fully into the Indian Union. The government argued that Article 370 had hindered the development of the region and its abrogation was necessary for the welfare and progress of the people.

3. Supreme Court raises questions

The Supreme Court raised several questions during the proceedings, seeking clarification on various aspects of the case. The court asked both the petitioners and the government to provide evidence and legal precedents to support their arguments.

4. Legal experts present their views

Legal experts were called upon to present their views on the constitutional validity of Article 370. They provided different perspectives on the matter, with some supporting the abrogation and others opposing it.

5. Arguments to continue tomorrow

The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing till tomorrow, with the proceedings set to continue. The court will hear further arguments from the petitioners and the government, as well as any additional submissions from the legal experts.


  • The Supreme Court hears arguments on the constitutional validity of Article 370.
  • Petitioners argue that the abrogation is unconstitutional and violates the basic structure of the Constitution.
  • The Central government defends the abrogation, stating it was done for the integration and welfare of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The Supreme Court raises questions and seeks evidence from both sides.
  • Legal experts provide different perspectives on the matter.
  • The hearing will continue tomorrow with further arguments and submissions.

Source: Live Law ★Indian Legal News

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