DelhiDesk Cycle Agarbatti, a popular incense stick brand, has become a success story with a valuation of Rs 7,000 crore and business operations in 65 countries. The brand was founded by N Ranga Rao, who started the business with just Rs 50 after leaving his job as a clerk in a factory in 1948. Rao named the incense sticks Cycle and employed women to make them, providing them with employment opportunities. After his death in 1980, his sons took over the company, and today, the third generation of his family runs the business.

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– N Ranga Rao founded Cycle Agarbatti by selling biscuits to fund his studies
– Rao started his incense sticks business with only Rs.50 and named it Cycle
– He employed women to make the incense sticks and sold them door to door on his bicycle
– The company is now run by the third generation of Rao’s family and operates in 65 countries
– Cycle Agarbatti is valued at Rs.7,000 crore
– Rao’s success story shows that starting a business with limited resources is possible with determination and hard work.

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