BENGALURU: Isro completed another lunar-bound manoeuvre early Wednesday to guide Chandrayaan-3 into a 153km x 163km orbit, setting the stage for the separation of the landing module comprising Vikram (the lander) and Pragyan (the rover) from the propulsion module.

★Isro successfully fired the manoeuvre, putting Chandrayaan-3 into the intended orbit of 153 km x 163 km.
★The lunar-bound manoeuvres are now completed, and preparations are underway for the separate journeys of the propulsion module and the lander module.
★The landing module is scheduled to attempt a landing on the lunar surface on August 23.
★Isro will perform another manoeuvre for lander separation on Thursday, followed by manoeuvres to put Vikram into an elliptical orbit.
★The de-boost manoeuvres will eventually place Vikram in an orbit with a closest point to the Moon at 30km and a farthest point at 100km, from where the final landing will be attempted.
★Once the 30km x 100km orbit is achieved, the critical process of reducing the velocity of the lander from 30km height to the final landing will begin.
★Isro will also need to change the spacecraft’s horizontal orientation to a vertical one before the final descent on August 23.
★Chandrayaan-3 has completed 33 days since its launch on July 14.
★It has undergone several manoeuvres, including Earth-bound manoeuvres, trans-lunar injection, and lunar orbit insertion, to reach its current circular orbit.
★The successful completion of Wednesday’s manoeuvre puts Chandrayaan-3 in a circular orbit.
★The next milestone is the landing attempt on August 23.

This update indicates that Isro’s Chandrayaan-3 mission is progressing according to plan, with the spacecraft now in the desired orbit. The upcoming lander separation and subsequent manoeuvres will be crucial in preparing for the final landing on the lunar surface. Isro’s team will need to execute precise manoeuvres to ensure a safe descent and landing. The successful completion of this mission will further enhance India’s space exploration capabilities and contribute to our understanding of the Moon.

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