New Delhi: A delegation of 21 MPs from the opposition bloc INDIA visited Manipur on Saturday to assess the ground situation in the state following widespread ethnic violence. The visit comes at a time when the monsoon session of Parliament has been paralyzed due to the ongoing logjam over the situation in Manipur. The opposition parties have even moved a no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi government, demanding that the Prime Minister address the issue in the House. Meanwhile, the CBI has taken over the investigation into the case of alleged sexual assault on two women by a mob in Manipur on May 4. Here are the key developments:

1. Opposition alliance in Manipur: The delegation of 21 MPs from the opposition bloc INDIA reached Manipur to assess the ground situation after ethnic violence in the state. They visited several relief camps to meet the victims of the clashes and will meet the governor to discuss the ongoing situation.

2. Peaceful solution to conflict: During the visit, the opposition bloc emphasized the need to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury expressed concern about the damage to Manipur’s image and called for an end to violence and the restoration of peace.

3. BJP criticizes opposition’s visit: The BJP criticized the opposition bloc for visiting Manipur, accusing them of politicizing the issue. Union minister Anurag Thakur called it a “mere show-off” and accused the opposition of remaining silent when Manipur faced similar situations in the past.

4. CBI takes over viral video case: The CBI has taken over the investigation into the case of alleged sexual assault on two tribal women by a mob. The video clip of the incident had gone viral, sparking nationwide outrage. The government decided to hand over the case to the CBI, which is already investigating other cases related to violence in Manipur.

5. Lok Sabha Speaker calls for peace: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla called for peace in Manipur, stating that the incidents in the state since May 3 have been “painful.” He emphasized the importance of peace for the prosperity of the state and the region.

6. Rally against separate administration demand: A massive rally was organized to protest against the demand for a separate administration for areas inhabited by the Kuki community. Demonstrators demanded the territorial integrity of Manipur and condemned those demanding separate administration.

The visit of the opposition bloc to Manipur and the intervention of the CBI in the investigation highlight the seriousness of the situation in the state. The need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and the demand for justice for the victims of violence are key concerns. The BJP’s criticism of the opposition’s visit and their call for a debate in Parliament reflect the political dimensions of the issue. The rally against the demand for a separate administration further highlights the ethnic tensions in Manipur.

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