Lately, there’s been a noticeable uptick in reports of cars catching fire while on the move. Many of these incidents are attributed to negligence. Common causes include fuel or CNG leaks and short circuits. However, the risk also escalates when flammable items are stored inside the car.

The Tiny Item Causing Big Problems

Drivers often carry several items in their cars, unaware that some of these could ignite a fire. One such item, often overlooked, is a simple cigarette lighter, typically costing just 10 rupees. Despite its size and price, this little tool has the potential to set an entire vehicle ablaze if it explodes.

Do You Keep a Cigarette Lighter in Your Car?

Cheap Chinese lighters, available for around 10 rupees, are popular due to their affordability. Made of plastic, these lighters are frequently found in the dashboards or compartments of cars owned by smokers. While generally harmless, they pose a significant risk if left in the sun for too long, as they can start leaking gas.

This 10 Rupee Item Could Destroy Your 10 Lakh Car

Lighters contain flammable gas that expands under direct sunlight, potentially causing an explosion and subsequent fire. The plastic construction of these lighters increases the likelihood of gas leakage, especially in high temperatures. Melting plastic can release the fluid inside, making it a serious safety hazard.

What Not to Keep in Your Car During Summer

Aside from lighters, avoid storing hand sanitizers in your car, especially during summer. Sanitizers contain alcohol, which can also ignite. Similarly, refrain from leaving any kind of alcohol-based sprays or perfumes in the vehicle. These items expand and leak in the heat, increasing the risk of fire.

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