Owning a luxury car has been a dream for many, not just in India but across the globe. However, the high price tags associated with luxury cars often deter potential buyers. But now, you can fulfill your dream of owning a luxury car without breaking the bank. Several websites offer used luxury cars at affordable prices, and one such platform is OLX, where second-hand cars are listed for sale. Let’s explore some of the fantastic deals available for luxury car enthusiasts.

BMW X1 sDrive

In this list, we have a 2014 model BMW X1 sDrive SUV available in a striking blue color. This car has clocked around 45,000 kilometers and is priced at just ₹12,50,000. It’s still considered a great deal even today.

Audi Q3

The second luxury SUV in this list is the 2014 Audi Q3, available in a classy white color. This vehicle has covered approximately 82,000 kilometers and comes with a price tag of ₹9,26,000. You can visit the website for more details on this fantastic deal.


Another BMW X1 makes its way into the list, this time a 2012 model in a bright yellow shade. With 76,000 kilometers on the odometer, this car is listed for ₹5,98,000. However, do note that petrol cars typically have a shorter lifespan, and this one is valid for only two more years.

Audi A4

The only sedan on the list is the Audi A4, a 2015 model available in a stunning red color. With 83,000 kilometers driven, this car can be yours for ₹11,99,999. It’s in excellent condition, though its validity is limited due to its age.

Important Information Table:

Car Model Year Color Kilometers Driven Price Validity
BMW X1 sDrive 2014 Blue 45,000 ₹12,50,000 Great Deal
Audi Q3 2014 White 82,000 ₹9,26,000 Fantastic
BMW X1 2012 Yellow 76,000 ₹5,98,000 Limited
Audi A4 2015 Red 83,000 ₹11,99,999 Excellent

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a luxury car, now is the time to explore these second-hand options that offer the taste of luxury at a more affordable price. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals

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