BSNL regularly updates its recharge plans to cater to evolving customer needs. Today, we will discuss BSNL’s broadband plans, particularly focusing on the highly popular BSNL 599 Broadband Plan. This plan has been attracting attention due to its competitive benefits at an affordable price point, making BSNL a strong contender in the broadband market.

BSNL 599 Fibre Basic Plus Plan

BSNL launched the 599 Fibre Basic Plus Plan for customers in 2020. Initially, the plan offered the following benefits:

  • Original Benefits:
    • Speed: 60 Mbps download and upload speed.
    • Monthly Data: 3.3TB monthly data.
    • Post FUP Speed: Speed reduced to 2 Mbps after FUP (Fair Usage Policy) data was exhausted.


Updated Benefits

BSNL has made several improvements to the 599 Fibre Basic Plus Plan, providing enhanced benefits:

  • New Benefits:
    • Speed: Increased to 100 Mbps.
    • Monthly Data: Increased to 4TB.
    • Post FUP Speed: Speed reduced to 4 Mbps after FUP data is exhausted.


These updates make the plan an excellent choice for users looking for high-speed internet at a reasonable price. The significant enhancements in speed and data allowance ensure a better user experience.

Additional Popular Plan: Fibre Basic OTT

For users interested in OTT subscriptions, BSNL offers another trending plan called the Fibre Basic OTT. Here are the details:

  • Fibre Basic OTT Plan:
    • Monthly Data: 4TB FUP data.
    • Speed: Up to 75 Mbps.
    • OTT Subscription: Includes a Disney+ Hotstar Super subscription.

This plan is ideal for users who consume a lot of online content and require an OTT subscription along with high-speed internet.


BSNLโ€™s updated broadband plans, particularly the 599 Fibre Basic Plus Plan and the Fibre Basic OTT Plan, offer significant value for money. With increased speeds and generous data allowances, these plans cater to the needs of various types of users, making BSNL a strong competitor in the broadband market. Whether you’re a heavy internet user or someone looking for additional OTT benefits, BSNL has a plan to suit your requirements

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