In anticipation of the Ganga Dussehra celebrations, the Hapur district administration has implemented a route diversion plan for heavy vehicles on the Delhi-Lucknow Highway from June 15 to June 17. This measure aims to manage the influx of pilgrims and prevent traffic congestion in the region.


Route Diversion Plan for Heavy Vehicles

The route diversion plan is designed to redirect heavy vehicles traveling on the Delhi-Lucknow Highway to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety for pilgrims heading to Brajghat for the Ganga Dussehra celebrations.

Heavy Vehicles Routes

The diversion plan includes specific routes for heavy vehicles coming from Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Muradabad, ensuring minimal disruption and effective traffic management during the festive period.


Route Diversion Plan for Heavy Vehicles

From June 15 at 12 PM to June 17 at 12 AM, heavy vehicles will be diverted from the Delhi-Lucknow Highway to manage the anticipated heavy traffic due to Ganga Dussehra celebrations at Brajghat, Hapur. The Hapur district administration has issued this plan to facilitate the smooth movement of pilgrims and reduce the risk of traffic jams.

Heavy Vehicles Routes

For vehicles traveling from Delhi and Ghaziabad towards Muradabad, the routes will pass through Masuri, Dhaulana, Gulawati, and other areas. Similarly, vehicles from Gajraula heading towards Delhi will follow a route through Mandi Dhanaura, Chandpur, and other regions. This detailed plan ensures that heavy vehicles avoid the congested areas and follow alternative paths.

Key Takeaways

  • Heavy vehicles are banned on the Delhi-Lucknow Highway from June 15 to June 17.
  • The diversion plan aims to manage traffic during the Ganga Dussehra celebrations.
  • Specific alternative routes have been designated for heavy vehicles to ensure smooth travel.

Important Information in Table

Detail Information
Event Ganga Dussehra Celebrations
Date of Diversion June 15, 2024, 12 PM to June 17, 2024, 12 AM
Affected Highway Delhi-Lucknow Highway
Reason Manage traffic and ensure safety during Ganga Dussehra
Main Locations Affected Hapur, Garhmukteshwar, Brajghat, Muradabad
Alternative Routes for Heavy Vehicles Various routes through Masuri, Dhaulana, Gulawati, etc.

Alternative Routes for Heavy Vehicles

Route Details
Delhi to Muradabad Via Masuri, Dhaulana, Gulawati, Peripheral Expressway, etc.
Ghaziabad to Muradabad Via Chijarsi, Dhaulana, Gulawati, Bulandshahr, Narora, etc.
Gajraula to Delhi Via Mandi Dhanaura, Chandpur, Haldaur, Bijnor Barrage, etc.
Syana to Hapur Meerut Via Bibinagar, Gulawati, Hafizpur, Hapur, Tatarpur, etc.
Hapur to Muradabad Via Gulawati, Bulandshahr, Narora, Barala, etc.
Meerut to Muradabad Via Mawana Road, Mirapur Barrage, Bijnor, etc.

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