Petrol pump owners in Delhi have warned that they will stop conducting Pollution Under Control (PUC) tests from July 1, citing the high costs involved. As a result, vehicle owners may have to pay up to 50% more for PUC certificates if fees are increased to sustain the service. The Transport Department is seriously considering this proposal.

Current Situation and Fee Hike Proposal

Increased Costs for PUC Tests

The increased fees will apply to all types of vehicles, including two-wheelers and four-wheelers. A senior official from the Transport Department indicated that the fee hike will be aligned with the inflation rate to ensure that it remains affordable for vehicle owners while covering the costs for petrol pump operators.

Inflation and PUC Fees

The Delhi Petrol Dealers Association points out that inflation has increased by 65% over the past 13 years, yet the PUC test fees have not been revised during this period. This discrepancy has made it unprofitable for petrol pump owners to run PUC centers.

Demand for Fee Increase

Petrol pump operators have been requesting an increase in PUC test fees for a long time due to rising operational costs. The Transport Department is now seriously considering this request.

Transport Department’s Considerations

A senior Transport Department official stated that the new fee structure will take inflation into account. The aim is to ensure that the fees are reasonable for vehicle owners while preventing losses for the dealers. Delhi currently has 953 PUC testing centers for petrol, diesel, and CNG vehicles.

Current and Proposed PUC Testing Fees

Current Fees

  • Two-wheelers: ₹60
  • Petrol/CNG cars: ₹80
  • Diesel vehicles: ₹100
  • Plus 18% GST on all fees

Proposed Fees

  • Two-wheelers: ₹150
  • Petrol/CNG cars: ₹200
  • Diesel vehicles: ₹300

Challenges Faced by PUC Centers

Nischal Singhania, President of the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association, stated that operating PUC centers has become very expensive. Each center incurs significant monthly expenses, while the income generated is insufficient, leading to continuous losses for the operators.

Historical Fee Adjustments

The last fee increase for PUC tests was in November 2011. Despite multiple requests to the Transport Commissioner, there has been no response. The association has warned that if no action is taken by July 1, they will cease PUC services in Delhi.

Impact on Vehicle Owners and Dealers

  • Two-Wheeler Owners: May have to pay ₹150 for PUC certification.
  • Petrol/CNG Car Owners: Proposed fee is ₹200.
  • Diesel Vehicle Owners: Proposed fee is ₹300.

The potential fee increase is aimed at balancing the financial viability of PUC centers and maintaining affordability for vehicle owners. The Transport Department is working to implement a fair and sustainable solution.

Vehicle Type Current Fee Proposed Fee
Two-Wheelers ₹60 ₹150
Petrol/CNG Cars ₹80 ₹200
Diesel Vehicles ₹100 ₹300

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