Every day, the Government of India is making efforts to improve the traffic system. However, many people are still unaware of the new traffic rules set by the Central Government. This lack of awareness often leads to surprise when a traffic challan is issued.


One such widely discussed traffic challan is for riding a bike while wearing slippers. It is important to note that riding a bike in slippers can be dangerous as they offer less protection in case of a road accident. It is advised to always wear shoes while riding a bike to minimize the risk of injuries.

Clarification on Traffic Challan

Despite the confusion, there is no specific rule in the Motor Vehicle Act that allows a challan to be issued for riding a bike or scooter while wearing slippers. This clarification was provided by Nitin Gadkari’s office through their Twitter handle.

Don’t Fall for Rumours

It is important to be aware of accurate information regarding traffic rules and not fall for rumours. Always ensure that you follow the necessary safety precautions while riding a bike or scooter to avoid any penalties or risks.

News Summary

  • Nitin Gadkari’s office clarified that there is no rule in the Motor Vehicle Act for issuing a traffic challan for riding a bike in slippers.


  • It is advised to wear shoes while riding a bike to minimize the risk of injuries in case of a road accident.


  • Stay informed about traffic rules and regulations to avoid penalties and ensure road safety.

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