Bajaj Auto, one of the country’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, is all set to introduce its first CNG bike soon. According to media reports, the company has trademarked a new name for this bike before its launch. The name “Fighter” has been trademarked, hinting that it could be used for the upcoming CNG bike.

Previous Month’s Trademark – “Bruzer”

Last month, another name was trademarked by the company. The name “Bruzer” was trademarked, leading to speculations that it might be used for another CNG bike in the future.

Expected Launch and Features

The CNG bike is expected to hit the market on June 18th, as per reports. The testing phase for this bike has already started, revealing some of its key features.

The bike is likely to come with circular LED headlights, small side-view mirrors, covered CNG tank, long single seat, hand guards, alloy wheels, front disc brake, and a digital speedometer. The company may offer more than one variant of this bike.

Leaked Details Prior to Launch

Details about the design of the CNG bike were leaked even before the official launch. The leaked blueprints revealed information about the bike’s chassis, CNG and petrol tanks.

It is speculated that the bike could come with a double cradle frame to hold the cylinder, with braces to secure it in place. The CNG cylinder could be placed under the seat, with the nozzle accessible from the front. Additionally, a small petrol tank might also be included in the design.

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