Bajaj Auto is set to make history with the launch of India’s first CNG motorcycle on July 15. This groundbreaking bike is expected to deliver an impressive mileage of 100 to 120 kilometers per kilogram of CNG. With a potential 5-kilogram CNG tank, the cost of petrol would be almost negligible.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Fuel Efficiency: The CNG bike is projected to provide 100-120 km per kilogram of CNG, drastically reducing running costs.
  • Bio-Fuel Setup: Bajaj is likely to offer a bio-fuel setup, enabling users to switch between petrol and CNG with a dedicated switch.
  • Cost Savings: Bajaj claims that the operational cost with this bike will be reduced by approximately 50%.
  • Engine Segment: The bike is expected to be launched in the 100-150 cc segment.
  • Wheels and Tyres: It will feature 17-inch wheels with 80/100 tubeless tyres on both ends.
  • Braking System: A combination of front disc and rear drum brakes is anticipated.
  • Suspension: The bike will have a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear.
  • Variants: Both ABS and non-ABS variants are expected to be available.
  • Instrument Console: A semi-digital instrument console with features like a gear indicator, guidance, and ABS indicator is expected.


Price and Market Position

  • Expected Price: The ex-showroom price is estimated to be between ₹70,000 to ₹80,000.
  • Market Segment: Positioned in the budget-friendly segment, this bike is set to appeal to cost-conscious consumers looking for an economical commuting solution.


Additional Features

  • Fuel Switching: The bike will come with a switch allowing users to easily transition between CNG and petrol.
  • Design and Build: Built for efficiency and practicality, it will cater to daily commuters and those looking to cut down on fuel expenses.


Anticipated Impact

Bajaj Auto’s introduction of the first CNG motorcycle marks a significant step towards more sustainable and economical transportation options in India. With its launch, Bajaj aims to revolutionize the two-wheeler market by offering a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petrol bikes.

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