Great news for the residents of Varanasi! The city is set to receive another Vande Bharat Express train, making the journey from Varanasi to Howrah much easier. The new Mini Vande Bharat Express will feature 8 coaches and is planned to run between these two destinations.

Train Details:

  • Route: Varanasi to Howrah
  • Coaches: 8 (including chair cars and sleepers)
  • Speed: 130 to 160 km/h
  • Travel Time: Approximately 6 hours


Background and Current Status

The proposal for the Varanasi-Howrah Vande Bharat Express was submitted to the Railway Board in 2023. With the recent government formation, the North Eastern Railway administration expects to receive the Mini Vande Bharat Express soon. Officials believe that the new NDA government will expedite rail transportation projects and develop new passenger facilities.


Current Vande Bharat Services:

  • Two Vande Bharat Express trains currently operate from Varanasi to New Delhi.
  • One Vande Bharat Express runs from Varanasi to Patna.
  • Another operates from Varanasi to Ranchi.


The new Varanasi-Howrah Mini Vande Bharat will be the fifth such train serving Varanasi. Unlike the other Vande Bharat trains that operate from the Cantt station, the Howrah-bound train will start from the Banaras station. The Railway Board will make the final announcement regarding the train’s operation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new Mini Vande Bharat Express is anย 8-coach train to run between Varanasi and Howrah.
  • Speed and Travel Time: The train will travel at speeds between 130 and 160 km/h, covering the distance in about 6 hours.


  • Government Support: The NDA government’s formation is expected to boost rail transportation projects.
  • Existing Services: This will be the fifth Vande Bharat Express serving Varanasi, adding to the existing services to New Delhi, Patna, and Ranchi.
  • Station: The Howrah-bound Mini Vande Bharat will depart from Banaras station.

Important Information:

Detail Description
Route Varanasi to Howrah
Coaches 8 (Chair cars and sleepers)
Speed 130 to 160 km/h
Travel Time 6 hours
Current Services Two to New Delhi, one each to Patna and Ranchi
Station Departure from Banaras station

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