India’s beloved Vande Bharat train is set to reach new speeds and enhance travel efficiency on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. Initially promised to have a top speed of 160 km/h during its launch, the train has only been able to achieve 130 km/h on existing tracks.

However, starting from August 15, the Vande Bharat train will run at 160 km/h on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, according to a report from TOI.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route Speed Upgrade 🚄💨

The Railway Board has directed the Mumbai and Vadodara divisions to complete the necessary work and run the confirmatory oscillograph car by June 30.

This project aims to increase train speeds on busy routes, cutting travel time and enhancing passenger experience. The current journey of 491 km between Mumbai and Ahmedabad takes 5 hours and 15 minutes. With the speed upgrade, this time will be reduced by up to 30 minutes.


Timings for Vande Bharat on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route ⏰

Currently, two Vande Bharat trains operate on this route. One train runs every day except Sunday, while the other runs six days a week except Wednesday.


  • Train No. 22962 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express: Departs from Ahmedabad at 06:10 AM and arrives in Mumbai Central at 11:35 AM, stopping at Vadodara, Surat, Vapi, and Borivali.
  • Train No. 22961 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Vande Bharat Express: Departs from Mumbai Central at 03:55 PM and arrives in Ahmedabad at 09:25 PM, with stops at Vadodara, Surat, Vapi, and Borivali.


Enhanced Features and Amenities 🛤️✨

The Vande Bharat train is equipped with several advanced features to ensure a comfortable and safe journey:

  • Rear-view and Platform-side Cameras: Four platform-side cameras, including rear-view cameras outside the coach, for enhanced security.
  • Advanced Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Equipped with UV lighting and high-efficiency compressors to ensure better ventilation, air conditioning management, and germ-free air supply.
  • Upgraded Coach Control Management System: Provides better monitoring and input for the control room and maintenance staff, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance.

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