Electricity bills have become a major headache for citizens in most states of the country, especially during the summer when consumption increases. In response, the Haryana government has announced a significant relief for electricity consumers that will be particularly welcome in this scorching heat.

Now, households in Haryana with monthly electricity consumption between 10 to 100 units will only have to pay ₹200. During the opening of the “Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme” in Ambala on Monday, Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini made this announcement.

Announcements by Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini

Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini declared that the government has abolished the monthly minimum charge for electricity bills. Henceforth, consumers will only have to pay for the electricity they use. Additionally, those who consume between 10 and 100 units of electricity will only be charged ₹200.

This decision is aimed at providing relief to the people ahead of the state assembly elections, following the BJP’s less-than-expected performance in the Lok Sabha elections.

Launch of ‘PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme’

The Chief Minister also launched the ‘PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme’ in Haryana. Under this scheme, the central government will provide a subsidy of ₹60,000 for installing 2-kilowatt rooftop solar panels.

Additionally, the Haryana government will offer up to ₹50,000 in extra assistance to one lakh poor families with an average monthly electricity consumption of up to 200 units and an annual income of up to ₹1.8 lakh, as recorded in their family identification documents.

Abolition of Monthly Charges

The Haryana government had previously announced the waiver of the monthly electricity charges. Now, households with meters up to 2 kilowatts will only pay for the units consumed.

This move will benefit approximately 9.5 lakh electricity consumers in the state. Previously, the electricity department charged ₹115 per kilowatt as a monthly fee, which increased the overall bill amount.

Main Benefits

  • Reduced Electricity Bills: Households consuming between 10 and 100 units per month will only pay ₹200.
  • Solar Panel Subsidy: A subsidy of ₹60,000 for 2-kilowatt rooftop solar panels from the central government.


  • Assistance for Poor Families: Additional assistance of up to ₹50,000 for poor families with a monthly consumption of up to 200 units and an annual income of up to ₹1.8 lakh.
  • Abolition of Monthly Charges: Elimination of monthly charges benefits around 9.5 lakh consumers.


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