A cloudburst in Thathri market, located in Doda district, triggered a flash flood on Friday, leading to significant disruptions. The sudden flood caused landslides that affected several homes and the Batote-Kishtwar National Highway, resulting in hours of traffic disruption.


Incident Details

  • Time of Incident: The cloudburst occurred around 3 AM, causing a sudden influx of floodwaters and landslides.
  • Casualties: No reports of injuries or fatalities have been received so far.
  • Affected Areas: The entire market area of Thathri town, several residential homes along the highway, and some vehicles were trapped in the debris.


Official Statements

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Thathri, Masood Ahmed Bichoo, stated that the landslide was extensive due to the cloudburst. Fortunately, the flood hit a sparsely populated area near the army gate, which minimized potential damage. Despite the significant amount of debris in the market area, there were no major damages reported, and restoration work is currently underway.



Current Status

  • Traffic: Traffic on the highway has been partially restored. Efforts are being made to clear the debris from the market area by noon.
  • Restoration: Authorities are actively working on clearing the debris and restoring normalcy.


Historical Context

Thathri town faced significant damage on July 20, 2017, due to a cloudburst, which swept away a dozen buildings near Jamia Masjid and injured several people.


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