In a significant move aimed at enhancing passenger comfort, the Northern Railway has decided to introduce Third AC Economy coaches to the Garib Rath trains, a service known for providing affordable AC travel.

This decision comes in response to the aging condition of the existing coaches in these trains, which are in dire need of replacement.

Upgrade without Fare Increase

A notable aspect of this upgrade is that it will be implemented without any changes to the current fare structure, ensuring that the affordability of the Garib Rath services remains intact.

This decision is set to benefit countless passengers who rely on these trains for long-distance travel across the country.

Implementation Phases and Distribution

The upgrade process will commence with the replacement of coaches in nine trains during the first phase. Instructions have been issued to provide 50 Third AC Economy coaches each to the North-Eastern Railway and the North-Western Railway.

This allocation is part of the broader initiative to ensure that the transition to newer coaches does not disrupt the service’s operations or its commitment to providing economical travel options.

Background and Impact

Currently, there are 26 Garib Rath trains operating across India, serving as a vital link for passengers seeking affordable AC travel options. The Railway Board’s announcement that new coaches for the Garib Rath were not being prepared prompted this move to replace old coaches with Third AC Economy ones.

This upgrade is expected to significantly improve the travel experience for passengers, providing them with more comfortable and modern accommodations.

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