Bihar, a state in eastern India, is set to witness a significant transformation in its infrastructure with the construction of three major expressways.

These expressways will not only enhance connectivity within the state but also link it to neighboring states, playing a crucial role in the economic development of the region. Let’s take a closer look at these expressways and the districts they will benefit.

Gorakhpur Siliguri Expressway

The Gorakhpur Siliguri Expressway is a greenfield project spanning 520 kilometers. With an estimated construction cost of โ‚น25,000 crore, this expressway will connect Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh to Siliguri in West Bengal.

In Bihar, it will pass through several districts, including Kishanganj, Sitamarhi, Saharsa, Chhapra, Muzaffarpur, and Gopalganj. This route will significantly reduce travel time and boost trade and commerce in these regions.

Varanasi Ranchi Kolkata Expressway

This four-lane expressway stretches 612 kilometers and traverses four states: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. In Bihar, the expressway starts from Kaimur and passes through Aurangabad, Rohtas, and Gaya.

The Varanasi Ranchi Kolkata Expressway aims to provide a faster and more efficient route for transportation and logistics, benefiting both local commuters and long-distance travelers.

Raxaul Haldia Expressway

The Raxaul Haldia Expressway is another greenfield project, covering a distance of 650 kilometers with an estimated cost of โ‚น54,000 crore.

This expressway is primarily aimed at boosting trade and commerce by providing a direct route between Raxaul on the Indo-Nepal border and the port city of Haldia in West Bengal.

In Bihar, it will pass through districts such as Banka, Jamui, Nalanda, Sheikhpura, Patna, Saran, Muzaffarpur, Motihari, and West Champaran.


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