The Indian telecom landscape is experiencing a wave of tariff hikes as major providers Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea (Vi) have all recently increased their prices across various plans.

These changes, implemented in July 2024, are aimed at improving the financial health of the telecom industry and ensuring sustainable growth. In this blog post, we’ll break down the tariff changes, their impact on consumers, and what you can expect going forward.

Airtel’s Tariff Changes

Airtel has revised its tariffs for both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans. The hikes range from 10% to 21%, impacting various plans, including unlimited voice and data packs. Some notable changes include:

  • Daily Data Plans: The basic daily data plan with 1GB/day now costs ₹299 (previously ₹269), and the 1.5GB/day plan is ₹349 (previously ₹299).
  • Longer Duration Plans: 84-day plans with 1.5GB/day and 2GB/day are now ₹859 (previously ₹719) and ₹979 (previously ₹839), respectively.
  • Annual Plan: The annual plan with 1.5GB/day now costs ₹3499 (previously ₹2899).


Reliance Jio’s Tariff Changes

Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom operator, has also implemented tariff hikes ranging from 12% to 27% across various mobile plans. Key changes include:

  • Unlimited Voice Plans: Prices have been revised upwards, with the ₹179 plan now costing ₹199, the ₹455 plan costing ₹509, and the ₹1,799 plan costing ₹1,999.
  • Daily Data Plans: The 56-day plan with 1GB/day has increased from ₹479 to ₹579, and the 84-day plans with 1.5GB/day and 2GB/day have increased by ₹140 each.


Vodafone Idea (Vi)’s Tariff Changes

Vodafone Idea has followed suit with tariff increases across the board, ranging from 11% to 24%. Some notable changes include:

  • Minimum Recharge Value: The minimum recharge for 28 days of service has increased to ₹199 from ₹179.
  • 84-Day Plan: The popular 84-day plan with 1.5GB/day has been raised to ₹859 from ₹719.
  • Annual Plan: The annual unlimited plan has increased to ₹3,499 from ₹2,899.

Details of the Rate Hikes

  • Airtel: Announced an increase of 10-21% in its mobile service rates.
  • Vodafone Idea: Announced a hike of 11-24% in its rates.

Effective Dates

  • Airtel and Reliance Jio: The revised rates will be effective from July 3.
  • Vodafone Idea: The new rates will come into effect from July 4.

Statement from Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea released a statement on Friday, explaining that the rate hike is aimed at improving their 4G experience and launching 5G services. The company plans significant investments over the next few quarters to enhance their service quality and network infrastructure.

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