Vodafone Idea has successfully fulfilled its 5G rollout obligations across all its circles, covering 17 regions where the company holds 5G spectrum. This significant milestone indicates that the company is now ready to launch 5G services in these areas. According to sources from CNBC Awaaz, the company has also completed network testing for the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

Penalties and Compliance 💰✅

To meet these obligations, Vodafone Idea had to pay a penalty of approximately ₹1 crore. Compliance with rollout obligations is mandatory as per the licensing terms, and failure to do so could have resulted in severe actions, including the cancellation of the 5G spectrum. Despite these challenges, the company has managed to adhere to the requirements and avoid any potential penalties.

Stock Performance 📈📊

Vodafone Idea’s stock saw a notable increase of 4%, reaching ₹17.15 per share. Over the past month, the stock has surged by 27%, and it has seen a remarkable 120% increase over the past year. This growth is indicative of investor confidence in the company’s strategic moves and future prospects.

Vodafone Idea Share Performance:

Time Period Percentage Increase
One Month 27%
One Year 120%

Potential MSCI Index Inclusion 📋📈

According to a report by IIFL Securities, Vodafone Idea could be included in the MSCI Index following its review in August 2024. This inclusion would be a significant boost for the company’s market presence and investor appeal. Alongside Vodafone Idea, the shares of Prestige Estate and Oberoi Hotels are also being considered for inclusion in the index.

Potential MSCI Index Inclusions:

Company Sector
Vodafone Idea Telecommunications
Prestige Estate Real Estate
Oberoi Hotels Hospitality

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