Good news for Airtel customers! The company has enhanced the data and validity offered in one of its budget-friendly plans. We are talking about the Airtel ₹99 Unlimited Data Pack, which was launched in August.

Typically, data packs come into play when customers exhaust the data quota available in their base plans. To continue using the internet, they recharge with a data pack. Airtel has now revised the benefits in its ₹99 data pack. Let’s delve into the details to see what additional perks this plan now offers.

What was offered in the Airtel ₹99 Data Pack earlier?

Previously, the Airtel ₹99 data pack provided customers with unlimited data, which included a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit of 30GB and a validity of 1 day. Even after exhausting the 30GB high-speed data, users could continue to access unlimited data at a reduced speed of 64 Kbps. Airtel has now revised the benefits to make this plan even more attractive.

What’s new in the Airtel ₹99 Data Pack now?

Now, the Airtel ₹99 data pack comes with a validity of 2 days along with unlimited data. However, the data FUP limit has been set at 20GB per day, post which the speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps. This means that Airtel customers will now get a total of 40GB high-speed data for two days, i.e., 20GB per day.

In essence, with the revision, Airtel has provided an extra day of validity along with an increment of 10GB in the total data benefit. However, remember that to avail the benefits of this data pack, you should have an active base plan.

This move by Airtel is a significant step towards providing more value to its customers, especially those who have a high data usage pattern. The additional data and extended validity are sure to meet the growing internet demands of users, making their online experience smoother and uninterrupted.

Whether it’s for streaming, downloading, or simply browsing, the revised ₹99 data pack is a budget-friendly option to stay connected. So, if you are an Airtel customer and find yourself running out of data often, this revised data pack could be a great solution for you!

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