There are many such vehicles in India now which are taking the market by storm, which you can buy. You must have seen that Maruti Suzuki variants are very much liked on the roads, for which one has to spend a huge price, but now it is not so.

CITROEN C3: A Popular Choice


CITROEN C3 is being liked a lot among the people among the big auto companies of the country. If you are planning to buy this car then do not delay, which is enough to win everyone’s heart. There is a great offer available on the Citroen C3, which you can buy at a cheap price and save money, otherwise you will regret if you miss this opportunity.


Finance Plan for Affordable Purchase


You can buy very cheaply under the finance plan which will be no less than a golden offer. Before purchasing a car, you should know the important things so that you will not face any kind of problem.


Showroom Price of CITROEN C3


What is the showroom price of CITROEN C3? Citroën C3 PureTech 82 Like, which is counted among the leading auto companies of the country, is its base model. Talking about its starting price, it is Rs 61,16,000. After being on road, its price will go up to Rs 6,94,545, which is like a golden offer.

Bring Home Quickly with Low Down Payment


If you are unsuccessful in making this much budget then do not delay. You can buy it at a very cheap price under the finance plan and bring it home which is enough to win everyone’s heart. To buy Citroen C3, you must have a budget of up to Rs 7 lakh. At this time, you can buy it at low down payment and bring it home, which is like a good offer.

Down Payment and EMI Details


You can buy the base model of Citroen C3 cheaply and bring it home. For this, a loan of Rs 5,94,545 is issued by the bank. You will be given the benefit of interest at 9.8 percent annual rate on the vehicle, which is like a good offer. After getting the loan from the bank on the Citroen C3 base model, the further process will be down payment. You will have to deposit Rs 1 lakh as down payment. After this you will need to deposit EMI of Rs 12,574 monthly for 5 years i.e. 60 months.

News Summary:
★CITROEN C3 is gaining popularity in India and is available at a cheap price.
★There is a finance plan for affordable purchase of CITROEN C3.
★The base model of CITROEN C3 starts at Rs 61,16,000 and goes up to Rs 6,94,545.
★Buyers can bring home the car with a low down payment and avail a loan from the bank.
★The loan amount is Rs 5,94,545 with an interest rate of 9.8%.
★The down payment is Rs 1 lakh and the monthly EMI is Rs 12,574 for 5 years.

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