Adani Green Energy Ltd. is set to revolutionize India’s renewable energy sector with a colossal investment of ₹2 lakh crore over the next seven years. This investment aims to boost the company’s renewable energy capacity to an impressive 50 GW by 2030. Currently, the company operates with a capacity of 10.9 GW, backed by a substantial land bank capable of supporting 70-80 GW of future capacity.

Operational Success and Future Plans

Operational Capacity and Financial Health:

  • Presently, Adani Green’s operational projects generate 10.9 GW, producing a robust free cash flow of ₹5,000 crore.
  • By the next year, the company plans to expand its power capacity to 17,000 MW, significantly enhancing its cash flow.


Funding and Financial Strategy:

  • The company assures that the entire capacity expansion is fully funded.
  • Phuntsok Wangyal, CFO, emphasized that increased cash flows from expanded capacity will support future funding without financial strain.


Enhancing Capacity Utilization and Revenue

Improved Capacity Utilization:

  • The capacity utilization factor is expected to rise to 33-34% in FY25, compared to 25% last year.
  • This improvement is anticipated to boost power generation and revenue.


New Projects and Cost Efficiency

Pumped Hydro Storage:

  • Adani Green plans to establish 5 GW of pumped hydro storage capacity within this decade.
  • Amit Singh, CEO, highlighted the focus on securing locations across India for this initiative, with an emphasis on low-cost power generation at ₹4 per unit.


Battery Storage and Future Outlook:

  • While the current focus is on pumped storage, battery storage remains under consideration for future projects.
  • The growing power demand in India, currently at 6.5% annually, presents significant opportunities for the company.


Contribution to National Renewable Goals

Government Initiatives and Company Contributions:

  • The Indian government is pushing for 45 GW renewable tenders annually to meet the 2030 target of 500 GW renewable capacity.
  • Adani Green aims to contribute positively to these national goals, with plans to add 6-7 GW in FY25 at a cost of ₹5 crore per MW.


Key Takeaways

Parameter Details
Investment ₹2 lakh crore over the next seven years
Current Capacity 10.9 GW
Target Capacity by 2030 50 GW
Next Year’s Capacity 17,000 MW
Pumped Hydro Storage 5 GW planned within the decade
Cost of Power from Pumped Storage ₹4 per unit
FY25 Capacity Addition 6-7 GW at ₹5 crore per MW
Expected Capacity Utilization in FY25 33-34%


Adani Green Energy Ltd.’s strategic investments and expansions are poised to not only meet but exceed India’s growing power demands, setting a new benchmark in the renewable energy landscape.

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