The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has initiated a project to connect the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (KGP) with the Yamuna Expressway. This crucial infrastructure development aims to enhance connectivity, especially in light of the upcoming Noida International Airport. Despite some delays, NHAI assures that the interchange will be completed within a year.

Project Overview

Current Status and Study

NHAI has begun the preliminary study for the interchange, which will take a little over two months. The interchange is designed to streamline traffic flow between the KGP and Yamuna Expressway, providing a seamless connection for commuters and improving accessibility to the Noida International Airport.

Background and Delays

The project to build the interchange started eight months ago, under the responsibility of a private contractor appointed by the Yamuna Authority. Despite an initial estimate of ₹122 crores for the project, complications arose, leading to delays:


  1. Initial Work: The project was inaugurated by the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, with the expectation that it would be completed before the airport became operational.
  2. Cost Overrun: Shortly after work commenced, the contractor estimated an additional ₹22 crores for soil-related expenses, causing the project to stall.
  3. Farmer Disputes: Work was initially halted in 2019 due to disputes with local farmers over land acquisition. These disputes wasted four and a half years, delaying the project significantly.


Recent Developments

With the farmer disputes resolved six months ago, the project faced another hurdle as the contractor demanded the additional ₹22 crores. Consequently, the Yamuna Authority set a deadline of May 15 for the contractor to resume work without increasing the budget. However, the contractor did not respond, prompting the authority to transfer the construction responsibility to NHAI.

Technical Aspects

The interchange will feature eight loops to facilitate smooth traffic movement between the two expressways. The total length of the project is approximately 6.6 kilometers. This construction will play a vital role in easing congestion and improving travel efficiency for vehicles transitioning between the KGP and Yamuna Expressway.

Official Statements

Dr. Arunveer Singh, CEO of Yamuna Authority, confirmed that NHAI is now overseeing the project and that the connectivity improvements are expected to be completed within a year. This timeline aligns with the anticipated operational date of the Noida International Airport, ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support increased traffic volumes.

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