The stock market is currently buzzing with discussions about EV (electric vehicle) shares and their potential for growth. Three EV-related stocks that have the potential for strong growth in the future are Tata Power, Tata Motors, and Exide.

Tata Power has a market cap of ₹ 73,525 Cr., a current price of ₹ 230, and a profit after tax of ₹ 3,360 Cr. Tata Motors has a market cap of ₹ 2,24,883 Cr., a current price of ₹ 616, and a profit after tax of ₹ 11,109 Cr.

Exide has a market cap of ₹ 22,759 Cr., a current price of ₹ 268, and a profit after tax of ₹ 842 Cr.

EV Stocks in Focus:
1. Tata Power:
★Market Cap: ₹ 73,525 Cr.
★Current Price: ₹ 230
★Profit After Tax: ₹ 3,360 Cr.
★Promoter Holding: 46.9%
★Debt: ₹ 52,923 Cr.
★Return over 3 Years: 59.5%
★Dividend Yield: 0.87%

2. Tata Motors:
★Market Cap: ₹ 2,24,883 Cr.
★Current Price: ₹ 616
★Profit After Tax: ₹ 11,109 Cr.
★Promoter Holding: 46.4%
★Debt: ₹ 1,34,113 Cr.
★Return over 3 Years: 70.1%
★Dividend Yield: 0.32%

3. Exide:
★Market Cap: ₹ 22,759 Cr.
★Current Price: ₹ 268
★Profit After Tax: ₹ 842 Cr.
★Promoter Holding: 46.0%
★Debt: ₹ 588 Cr.
★Return over 3 Years: 17.2%
★Dividend Yield: 0.75%

★The EV sector is gaining attention in the stock market, and three stocks that show potential for growth are Tata Power, Tata Motors, and Exide.
★Tata Power has a strong market presence and a promising business model.
★Tata Motors, being a major player in the EV sector, has shown significant growth potential.
★Exide, a battery sector company, is expected to benefit from the growing demand for batteries in the EV sector.
★Investors interested in the EV sector should consider these stocks for potential growth opportunities.

Note: The above information is based on the current market data and may be subject to change.

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